What Clients Say

"With boundless creativity and professionalism unmatched, SRCP provided our campaign a vision and focused message that helped secure victory."
Governor Greg Abbott (TX)

"SRCP focused on our message and drove it effectively. As importantly, their team kept their cool when the campaign was most intense."
Senator Bill Cassidy (LA)

"They never put themselves or their firm's interests ahead of our campaign. From the standpoint of strategic advice, advertising and business ethics, there is no finer media firm than SRCP."
Congressman John Kline (MN)

"They performed a miracle for us. And their focus on details astounded me. They are the best and I won't work with anyone else."
Edie Smith, Campaign Manager, NO on 1

"Their ads helped me navigate a tricky primary and delivered a victory in a tough general election. We love SRCP."
Congresswoman Martha Roby (AL)

"I cannot imagine a winning campaign without SRCPmedia's involvement."
Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS)

"SRCP was an integral part of my campaign team and captured a concise vision of our message, conveying a clear narrative to Hoosier voters in the district."
Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (IN)

"SRCP's attention-grabbing ads and focused message were key to my victory."
Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (KS)

"SRCP are the best in the business. They're professionals and they know how to win."
Governor Craig Benson (NH)

"SRCP produced outstanding advertising for my campaign. I knew they were always thinking about my campaign and they made me feel as though I were their only client."
Congressman Vern Buchanan (FL)

"SRCP was an intricate component in my victory. They produced tremendous ads and provided insightful strategy."
Governor Matt Blunt (MO)

"...they are team players, committed to producing an outstanding product, carefully listening to others in the process, and employing creative and innovative approaches."
Senator Bill Frist (TN)

"SRCPmedia are true professionals. They were completely committed to my successful campaign and willing to go that extra mile at a moment's notice."
Senator Bob Corker (TN)

"They are a very talented group of professionals whose creativity, hard work and accessibility set them apart from most others in their industry."
Senator John McCain (AZ)

"SRCPmedia listened and worked with my campaign to provide truly exceptional ads that cut through all the political advertising clutter."
Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson (PA)

"...we knew we had only one opportunity to effectively and creatively deliver our message on television. SRCP created a 30-second message that was termed 'the best political commercial on TV' by many who saw it."
State Auditor Mary Taylor (OH)

"On election day, all four ballot measures were defeated by margins of roughly 70% - 30%. The reason: the media produced by SRCP."
Tom Whatman, Campaign Manager, Ohio First Coalition

"They developed the most creative and effective media campaign I have ever seen."
Jeff Romano, Executive Director, Small Woodland Owners Association

"Because of SRCP and their vision, our campaign had the most talked about commercials of the cycle."
Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb (OK)

"SRCP was a key component of one of the most successful strategic media campaigns we have executed in recent memory. SRCP provided critical creative and strategic thinking which played a major role in our victory."
W. Henson Moore, President & CEO, American Forest & Paper Association

"They were available around the clock through the duration of the campaign. Many political veterans believe they created the most effective ads of any issue campaign in Maine."
Maria Fuentes, Campaign Manager, YES on 4 & 6

"Our come-from-behind victory wouldn't have been possible without the work of SRCP. It was amazing to see how quickly the issue turned in our favor once their ads hit their airwaves."
Dennis Bailey, Executive Director, CASINOSNO!

What the Press Says

"The ad is powerful – among the most powerful I've seen this cycle..."
Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post

"a powerful ad"

"showcases the tenacity with which he approaches his life in a wheelchair...so personal"
Houston Chronicle

"The Swiftboating worked brilliantly"
National Journal

"the ad was one of the most successful in recent history at targeting the Latino vote"
Sylvia Manzano, Latino Decisions via Austin American-Statesman

"The most talked about political ad of the season"

"...one of the largest and most influential Republican media firms."
Roll Call

"...heavyweight Republican media strategists..."
The Business Journal

"a striking spot"

"This is how you do a bio ad. A very nicely produced commercial..."
Chris Cillizza

"one of the biggest Republican ad firms"
The Huffington Post

"...a glossy biographic video"

"Of all the political ads this cycle that we tested, Greg Abbott's TV ad received the highest favorable rating"
Lee Carter, Maslansky + Partners, Fox & Friends contributor

"...a first-rate campaign team...the GOP media consulting firm SRCP"
PR Week

"top-shelf Republican ad firm"
The Huffington Post

"Positive and refreshing"

"The most effective TV spot of the year"
The New Orleans Times-Picayune

"Superb television ads"
Kennebec Journal

"Chambliss's double-digit victory...buoyed a Republican Party battered by staggering losses"
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"One of the best TV ads"
The Washington Post

"The right political strategy...vigorous advertising..."
The New York Times

"Authenticity that is effective"
Portland Press Herald

"Similar to some television shows like NYPD Blue..."
Portland Press Herald

"Campaign of the Year"
The Washington Post

"one political commercial seems to be standing out"

"What turned the campaign was a television ad..."
Akron Beacon Journal

"The winner of all winners among consultants."
The Hotline

"One of the biggest upsets of the night"

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