SRCP's political experience is unmatched. Our team has worked with party committees and campaigns at the highest levels. We provide our clients with sound strategic advice with one simple goal: winning.

But our experience goes beyond the political. Our team has decades of advertising experience, both in politics and on Madison Avenue. We use this unique advertising expertise along with our political know-how to deliver effective advertising that stands out from the crowd.


SRCP has a full-time creative department with decades of experience producing award-winning advertising.

That means from day one, your campaign will have the SRCP team devoted to taking the uniqueness of your campaign and translating it into impactful, compelling advertising.

We take your story and message, develop concepts, and bring them to life using the most cutting-edge technology and talent in the industry.

Media Placement

Today's media environment is more fragmented than ever. That's why SRCP has a fully staffed media department with buyers who have experience across all platforms – TV, radio, digital and print.

When negotiating for rates, our goal is very simple: provide the best placement at the lowest cost. We do that by subscribing to the latest behavioral media usage research (including tools such as Rentrak, Scarborough and set-top box targeting) to maximize the efficiency of our buys, and to deliver the right message to the right audience. Whether your target is a broad audience, or a narrow demographic, we will find those individuals and deliver your message. And once we place a buy, we constantly monitor it to make sure everything runs as ordered.

Media placement is the largest budget line item for any campaign. Our team will protect those dollars and put them to the best possible use.


Advertising on desktop, mobile and tablet is a powerful way to reach audiences whom you may not reach on TV. It is also a great way to build additional frequency among those who are already getting your message on TV and/or radio. An aggressive digital operation is no longer an add-on for a campaign, it is a necessity.

We find your targets and deliver your message. With digital, your targeting capabilities are nearly limitless. Our strategic team works with your campaign to determine whom to target via digital, and then determines the best ways to reach them – maximizing the efficiency of your buy.

Media Training

The scrutiny of a candidate has never been greater. In this digital age, the camera and microphone are always on and your remarks can be broadcast instantaneously around the district, state or nation by reporters, bloggers and the opposition's video trackers.

Whether you're a first-time candidate or a veteran, it is essential to deliver your messages and remain disciplined when handling tough questions. SRCP offers nationally recognized coaching and counsel to bring out the best in every candidate, so you can confidently and effectively deliver your message in any setting. Our training includes media coaching, speechwriting, public speaking and debate preparation.

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